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gennp8u_i do have a name, but i prefer to go by W on this blog – it makes anonymity through search engines easier, and i prefer to only disclose my name on twitter, facebook, and instagram. i’m a second-year english and sociology student at the University of Toronto, which is why i’m intrigued by a combination of issues pertaining to inequality and interactions, literature, and a combination of both subjects. i don’t really read what i talk about (or rather, rant about) on twitter, but i do like finding some cross-relation between the two, especially when i’m reading for fun. my interests lie in discussing intersectional feminism (equality on the grounds of gender, sexuality, race, class, etc.), reading (of course), the occasional tv show, and plenty of cake. my interests in reading are closer to YA (and some NA) than non-fiction or classic literature, but i really do enjoy Shakespeare and am willing to give any really well-rated book a try.

if you would like to contact me, i do prefer twitter over any other platform, but don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my blog or goodreads page either. my primary media links are down below, and others are listed in the sidebar.

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